So Here We Are Again…

I don’t know why I do this to myself but it seems like every time I get a chance to see all my lovelies (all 2 of you) I’m doing a “sorry I haven’t been around but here’s what I’ve been up to” type post. I don’t want to do that. No one wants to know that. It’s ends up looking like excuses about my own blog and why I don’t keep it as abundant as I’d like. So I’ll keep it pretty light on the “excuses” for my absence and inform the general population about my most current whereabouts starting with my vacation.

So last you heard I was super excited about my upcoming camping trip/4 day vacation from work and society and the internet in general. Turns out, when it’s raining here, it’s actually snowing up in the mountains where I had meticulously planned every meal, every activity, even downtime. I had gotten and/or repaired everything necessary for life without modern conveniences. I even had a back up open year round campsite in case our preferred site wasn’t open for whatever reason. As always, when humans plan, God laughs or however that saying is supposed to go. Got snowed out of our first choice campsite and found out it wouldn’t be open until the end of April. Even better, my year round fail proof always open campsite? It was open, however, the road to get to it was closed due to, what else? the snow. Thank you so much for that Mother Nature. I appreciate it oh so much.

What actually happened on my 4 day staycation wasn’t a bad alternative though. I got one of those pre-cut fabric quilts where you sew 1 square foot sized pieces of material and then shockingly enough sew those together to make one big blanket. Because, you know, that’s what quilts are. I also completed my first ever cross stitch as an adult and am completely proud of how the back looks because I could never do it right as a child. If you don’t know cross stitch, I don’t blame you, but the design is whatever it’s supposed to be on the front and then the back, if done properly looks like a bunch of neat tidy little rows of single stitches. So while the front of my cross stitch says “Bitch, Peas” with a couple of peas in a pod, the back looks like a bunch of neat tidy little rows. I’m sorry to say I’m more proud of the back then the sassy design on the front.  During my time off, I also watched an insane amount of YouTube, which brings me to my next topic.

I wanna do that.

I’ve decided that I want to join the Youtubing world as more than just an observer and actively participate in that community.  My expectations are not exactly grandiose or anything of that nature.  I don’t expect to get rich and famous from a viral video.  I’m sure 99.9% of the people on YouTube don’t ever get any recognition outside of their friends and family. That’s fine, I’ll live. I would like to get the experience though.  I have many friends here and abroad and I think this would be a good way to maybe gain a few more, share my insights and get some in return.

After that little disclaimer; I want to know from the blogosphere, all my lovelies out there, do you have a YouTube channel? What do you do on your channel? I know I want to talk about travel, DIYs, crafty things, thrifting, maybe even makeup. Definitely not makeup tutorials cause my tutorials wouldn’t help anyone, but I could mention that I know what makeup is. Do you respond to viewers comments? Do you put out new videos on a certain day or a certain number of videos per week? I would love to know how your experience is going with YouTube.  I’m not particularly worried viewer/subscription numbers but more of what makes you enjoy putting up your own videos. What turned you to making your own channel and what keeps it going for you? Write in and let me know! I’d also love your channel and/or username so I can see how lovely everyone is outside of just the written word.

I eagerly await your responses

Until we meet again,



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