You Found Me!

It is I! I have returned after a lengthy (and inexplicable…okay lazy) absence. In the meantime, I have gone places (Colorado, La Porte, & San Francisco to name a few), I have done things (including quitting my job for another and starting a veggie garden), learned about myself and others, and now I’m back!
I’m sitting here at my new job (that I’ve been at for 6 months now) looking for some kind of travel quote for a travel inspired tattoo or maybe for a painting and I keep seeing all these “lost” quotes. “Go get lost,” “don’t be afraid to get lost,” “put down the map and get lost some place new” are prime examples of this strange phenomenon of people not knowing what is going on with themselves and their surroundings.
I understand the meaning behind these, of course, that you can find yourself someplace wholly unexpected by taking the road less traveled and get to experience new things you would have never planned for yourself otherwise. I understand the emotion that are supposed to be behind all these lovely little sayings and the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your body when you take unplanned turns.
But still…I mean, really? Lost? Is that really how you want to phrase such a wonderful and spontaneous experience? In my mind, travelers don’t get lost. Tourists get lost. Tourists get lost in the hustle and bustle of a new place with unreadable maps and inscrutable locals. Tourists get lost when they take the wrong turn or miss their train with hours to wait until the next one. Travelers, however, get the rush of finding themselves on a new journey than the one they may have planned.
Travelers, in my experience, have never gotten lost. They may not know where they are, how they got there, or where they’re going to next. I know I’ve found myself in that situation many times. That doesn’t mean that they’re lost though. Some travelers may leave home without any plan at all. Others may leave with an itinerary of their journey noting every step of their way to their destination. When there’s a bump in the road in the way of a missed turn or train, when the journey or even the destination changes without any notice, the seasoned traveler rolls with the punches and keeps going.
Getting lost is not for travelers. Unexpected destinations and adventures are the bread and butter of most travelers I know. I know that next time I hit the road that whenever I find myself somewhere unrecognizable and unexpected, I won’t be lost. Getting lost is for people that are always looking back, and you can’t be lost when you’re already looking forward to your next escapade.

So get out there. Get dirty. Get wild. Get unexpected.

I’ll see you out there.

Until we meet again,


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