This is me

My name is Liz. I was born, I lived etc etc and now I’m writing a blog.

My life as I like to perceive it revolves around travel and music. I’m a part of a very outspoken (read: loud and opinionated) and fiercely loyal family. I have a significant other named Allen and a dog named Artemis. I have traveled in the US and most of western Europe. I grew up doing dance and theatre.  If you haven’t, then let me tell you now, those people are crazy yet very loving for the most part. I currently work and go to school. I work in a hotel as a front desk agent and go to school with a major in behavioral psych and minor in English. During my downtime I like to read, get tattoos, and go find adventures with my dog and my man. And music, music is always present in my world.

That is my life and these are my stories


9 thoughts on “This is me

    1. I have family scattered around the US and in France which has given me a lot of opportunities to see new places and learn about different types of people. While visiting France I was able to go to several neighboring countries and get lots of experiences and stories. I’m going to Colorado at the beginning of next month but not any real big plans besides that for now.

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      1. That sounds great (from a travellers perspective)! Well, trips don’t have to be long haul essentially. I hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Colorado! 🙂


                  1. I can fully rely to that. The Côte d’Azur is especially amazing. Such a peaceful and enjoyable part of the world. However, you have to hop an airplane next time to see mroe amazing places!


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