Inside the Louvre pyramid


I’m taking an english class over the summer at the local community college and today I was given the opportunity to give a classmate some traveling advice.  She’s young, about to turn 19 and is going to Europe for a couple of weeks to visit some family in Berlin and see some new places.  Those places include Paris and Amsterdam among others.  Over my life I’ve been to Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. I’ve also traveled other places that helped me discover some tips and tricks to traveling internationally. This is her first big trip out of the country so she was looking for some advice and maybe a couple of places that would be cool to check out.  I told her about the year round carnival in Dam Square in Amsterdam (beware of the gypsies) and I told her about souvenirs.  As I’ve said before paper souvenirs are the best in my opinion. Cheap, easy to pack and there’s a million things you can do with them when you get home to show all the places you’ve been. So as I’m telling this girl about saving maps and train tickets, she’s looking at me like I just sprouted wings and flew to Europe right in front of her. She seriously said “I feel like I should be taking notes” then took out her notebook and started writing down what I said.  I don’t know about anyone else but that happening made me feel like a million bucks.  She was taking my advice to heart and making sure that she wouldn’t forget it.  I told her the same things that I told my siblings before they went on their first Europe trip.  Yes, they took my advice to heart and followed it as well but they’re my siblings.  I honestly don’t even remember this girls name but she was so interested in what I had to say and had such sincere admiration of the information I had learned in my travels. It was just so uplifting for me to know that I helped her get more out of her own travels and hopefully add to her experiences.  That’s the best feeling in the world.


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