About Them Languages

So as I’m browsing through all my favorite travel blogs and blogs about language learning, I see a lot of good advice on how to get along better wherever you are. There are language learning apps (Hello, Duolingo among others) and tips on how to study from notecards, workbooks and such. Bulk up your vocab, learn key phrases, buckle down on that grammar. I agree. … Continue reading About Them Languages

Nihongo De OK

The journey to learning a new language is fraught with peril.   Okay, maybe it’s not real peril. Unless you have to learn Swahili before you fall off a cliff, you should probably be okay. The most danger you should run into with learning a new language is sounding silly or accidentally insulting someone. I know I’ve definitely used the wrong word that sounded similar … Continue reading Nihongo De OK

Travel Catastrophe, Tragedy and Heartbreak!

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite so dramatic as all that. I am, however, at that point to where I am quite literally (figuratively, really) climbing the walls and tearing out my hair in chunks. How could this be? Why would Liz be going even crazier than usual? And why is she referring to herself in the 3rd person? The answer to that my darlings would … Continue reading Travel Catastrophe, Tragedy and Heartbreak!

French Travel Tips & Tricks

Well, here it is. We all saw this coming. Here is the obligatory post of travel tips and tricks. I’ve seen many many many posts of traveling tips as I’m sure we all have but these are my favorites. They’ve either been picked up from personal experience or from those handy dandy touristy maps you can find at hotels in your destination country. These are … Continue reading French Travel Tips & Tricks


This particular post won’t be about hotels as I normally think of them. Yes, I work in a hotel and have worked in hotels for the better part of a decade. When I think of hotels though, it’s normally as my time spent in them as a guest, not an employee. When I think of hotels I think of the amazing hotel in Palm Springs … Continue reading Hotels


Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve managed to show up here on the interweb 🙂 It has been ridiculously busy lately. I started classes, moved to a new house and changed jobs literally all on the same day. In addition to getting a new rescue pup and custody changes with my stepdaughter (we get more time with her, yay!) you can see why I … Continue reading Update